The Tagline Says It All, ‘Mabilis. Madali. Mura’

‘Mabilis. Madali. Mura.’ Your account will be activated within twenty-four (24) hours. DIGIPAY app is user-friendly and anyone can easily navigate the app.

The Payment Is Like Noodles - Instant!

Your customers will pay upfront with cash after each transaction and you will not have to worry about declined credits cards or bounced checks. DIGIPAY’s notification will also give you that feeling of security after each successful transaction.

Be A Winner When It Comes To Billers

Accepting payments for over 300 merchants or billers! This includes power and utility companies, credit cards, consumer finance loans, airlines, schools and many more. Digipay offers hundreds of products ranging from e-load, e-pins, bills payment, money transfer, mobile money top-up, and microinsurance.

Low...Low...Low Labor Cost

Manual payments cost more than electronic ones when it comes to labor. With DIGIPAY, no need to hire another person to process transactions. Aside from labor, DIGIPAY offers electronic transaction receipts via SMS or Email. You are not just saving money but you are also saving the environment.

It’s All About Additional Income

Earn extra income from your DIGIPAY transactions. Get rebates or commission for every transaction. The more transactions, the more income you will have. So whether you have an existing business (sari-sari store), thinking of how to earn extra income, or want to start your own business, DIGIPAY can give you that opportunity you have been waiting for.